The groundwork laid in the nursery classes by our experts and teachers ensures a smooth transition as the child proceeds to L.KG. This stage is considered to be the basic building block providing pre-school education to grown- ups. At AEMS we understand and respect that each child is unique and has different abilities and interests. Our curriculum objectives have been laid out in accordance with the development characteristics of children studying in LKG. The teaching learning strategies are primarily activity based and child friendly. Teaching is confined to brief periods according to the natural attention span of each child. It is never extended beyond the child’s span of interest.
The student-teacher ratio is kept low so as to enable the teacher to work with small groups and ensure quality education. A large pool of different types of resources is made available to the teaching staff. Each classroom has a projector and computer which helps to create a lively multimedia based educational atmosphere that will leave an indelible impression on young minds. Students are encouraged to participate in cultural and other social functions.
In the school a lot of emphasis is put on the speaking of English. Children are encouraged to say a thought and explain its meaning in the morning assembly. Reading Competition, Story Telling Competition, Spell Bee and other competitions are also organized giving students the confidence to overcome their inhibitions, and speak English fluently.
We give paramount importance to physical and personal development. Care is taken to develop the child’s fine and gross motor skills. Students actively participate in both indoor and outdoor games. Hobby classes are conducted every Saturday to break the monotony of school work. Students are given the opportunities to choose from a wide range of extra-curricular activities like music, dance, yoga, art, craft, skating, etc. Students thus learn and enjoy while at work and at play.